Twitter Q&A

As promised here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions! I will be doing one of these every week!

Are you as certain De Ligt will sign as you was with Alexis?

Yes. I trust the source wholeheartedly. I believe the mainstream media should pick up on the news this week. As always they are behind us.

Name one star player that will move this summer.

Easy answer, Antoine Griezmann.

Ole (at 46 years old) or Lukaku at striker?

Ole, obviously ;).

Update on Joao Felix?

Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United are the 3 teams pushing for his signature the most. The player has ruled out Manchester City purely because he wants to play. Release clause has to be activated if he is going to move, Benfica are insistent on this.

Opinions on Arnau Puigmal? 

Arnau is an amazing youth talent currently shining in Manchester United’s academy. I can definitely see him making it big.

Is Pogba going to leave Manchester United?

All depends on who the club signs this summer. However, I do not see him going this summer.

Who do you think will win the Copa America?

Brazil, outstanding squad.

Details of your source?

Obviously I can not say much on this. All I can say is that they are very much in the loop of the runnings of the club.

Your favourite saga?

The Sanchez one. Full of twists and turns. Proud to say that I was the first to break the news!



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